Passeio pelo Sudoeste do Grand Canyon com helicóptero

Siga pela histórica Rota 66 de Phoenix/Scottsdale até o Grand Canyon, onde um passeio de helicóptero sobre o parque nacional estará aguardando.

Available starting Thursday, July 16th 2020

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Phoenix to the Grand Canyon Tour FAQs

How far is the Grand Canyon from Phoenix?
  • The distance from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon depends on which rim you are traveling to. The South Rim, which is part of the Grand Canyon National Park, is the closest side to Phoenix, Arizona. The drive is approximately 224 miles, and takes around three and a half hours.

    The Grand Canyon West Rim is approximately 260 miles and takes around four and a half hours to drive from Phoenix.

    Make the most out of your day trip to the Grand Canyon by booking a world-class tour with Papillon. Not only will you board a custom touring vehicle for a luxurious trek through the Sonoran Desert. You'll also get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to soar over the Grand Canyon National Park in a state-of-the-art helicopter.

Where can I go for a day trip from Phoenix, Arizona?
  • The mild weather, scenic natural landscapes, and thriving metropolitan area draw tourists from around the world to Phoenix, Arizona. While in the city, be sure to leave time for a road trip or two to the surrounding Southwestern wonders. Here are just a few of the best day trips from Phoenix.

    • Experience the breathtaking natural beauty of the Grand Canyon National Park. This Seventh Wonder of the World is just a few hours away from Phoenix, and is a must for every Southwestern traveler’s bucket list. Bonus: the drive between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon South Rim will take you along historic Route 66.
    • Walk along the glass-bottomed Skywalk bridge, gaze out at a 360-degree canyon view at Guano Point, or take a pontoon boat cruise along the floor of the Grand Canyon at the West Rim. This side of the canyon is approximately four hours from Phoenix, and full of worthwhile sights and activities.
    • Spend a night surrounded by the neon signs and massive casinos of Las Vegas. Try a hand of blackjack, play a round of golf, or people watch on the world-famous Strip. Papillon even offers helicopter tours in Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but the memories are sure to last a lifetime.
    • Many travelers have never heard of Page, Arizona. But the breathtaking landforms surrounding the Southwestern city are easily recognizable worldwide. Tower Butte, Horseshoe Bend, Rainbow Bridge, Antelope Canyon, and Lake Powell are just a few of the incredible destinations you can check out in Page. Papillon even offers helicopter and airplane tours of each of these scenic landforms. The city is approximately four hours away from Phoenix, and the perfect extension to your Grand Canyon vacation.

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What is the best month to visit the Grand Canyon?
  • March through May and September through November are widely considered to be the best months to visit the Grand Canyon. Not only is the weather generally a moderate temperature, but you'll also escape the busy crowds from the peak season.

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Do you offer hotel pick-up and drop-off?
  • Absolutely! You can start your Grand Canyon day tour off with hotel pick-up from most major hotels in Phoenix. Not staying at one of the major hotels? No problem. Simply drive to the nearest hotel for pick-up and drop-off by our shuttles.

    Learn more about the Grand Canyon tours from Phoenix today!

Experience the Best Grand Canyon Tours from Phoenix & Scottsdale

The city of Phoenix attracts a diversity of tourists due to its fusion of athletic, metropolitan, and nature-based activities. The mild weather makes the area perfect for year-round outdoor exploration. Luckily, the energetic city is surrounded by a wealth of desert wildlife and nature that must not be missed.

Just north of the city lies some of the most profound nature ever to be seen: the Grand Canyon. Our mission at Papillon is to take you and your family to this splendid landmark and show you the various points of interest along the way.

Whether you want to go on a relaxing ground tour of the canyon, or soar over its rim in a helicopter, we have you covered. Our day tours begin bright and early with pick-up from most major Phoenix hotels. From there, you can climb aboard one of our comfortable Ford shuttles, customized with captain chairs to enhance your sightseeing experience.

Ground Tour to the Grand Canyon from Phoenix

Perhaps you would like to visit the Double Eagle Trading Post, an old-fashioned Western town where you can shop and explore. Maybe you'd like to watch the Mojave Desert pass you by. No matter what you choose to do, your journey to the Grand Canyon is part of the adventure, and we cannot wait to show you all of the historical sights and landmarks along the way.

Helicopter Tours of the Grand Canyon South Rim

Guests who choose to experience a helicopter ride will be taken through the scenic Central Arizona to the Grand Canyon National Park Airport. Here, a state-of-the-art helicopter will be awaiting your arrival. Upon boarding, you will be lifted up into the air and flown over both the South and North Rims of the Grand Canyon, the latter being significantly less-visited due to its rugged landscape. Here you can find stunning aerial views of the forested canyon valleys, rock gorges, and buttes.

Exploration Time at the Grand Canyon National Park

There will be plenty of time to explore various lookout points of the canyon for different perspectives. Guests can also make a short hike to Grand Canyon Village to shop for memorabilia or to find more canyon views.

Os visitantes também podem ser conduzidos pelo imponente Oak Creek Canyon, onde o ambiente florestal exuberante em contraste com as extraordinárias formações rochosas vermelhas são como uma pintura que ganha vida. Famosa por suas muitas aparições no cinema e na televisão, Oak Creek Canyon é uma imagem bonita e duradoura em sua viagem de ou para o Grand Canyon.

Embora a cidade de Phoenix e sua área metropolitana ao redor possam proporcionar atividades divertidas como eventos esportivos, compras e visitas ao jardim zoológico, transforme as suas férias em uma memória atemporal para você e sua família, experimentando o relevo natural mais fantástico nos Estados Unidos: o Grand Canyon.