Tours de Aventura

Grand Celebration e Eldorado Canyon

Não há maneira melhor de ver a imponente Margem Oeste do Grand Canyon do que pelo ar, portanto, embarque em um helicóptero e prepare-se para uma experiência surpreendente.

Helicóptero Pouse no Fundo ATV Refeição Baja Jeep Tour de aventura


8 horas



Grand Canyon Explorer and Eldorado Adventure

Take in the sights above Grand Canyon West before making your way by helicopter to Eldorado Canyon. Explore a real gold mine and take off on a thrilling ATV or Jeep excursion–an all-around adventure!

Helicóptero ATV Baja Jeep Tour de aventura


8 horas



Rafting em Águas Turbulentas com Passeio de Helicóptero

Esta emocionante aventura de rafting no Grand Canyon, com percurso de 60 quilômetros, inclui transporte de helicóptero ida e volta até a base do cânion.

Helicóptero Água Tour de aventura Refeição


13 - 14 horas



Expedição ao Antelope Canyon

Veja as místicas paredes de arenito que ficam bem no fundo do mundialmente famoso Antelope Canyon.

Avião Refeição Tour de aventura


10 - 11 horas



Tours aéreos e terrestres à Margem Norte do Grand Canyon

Fuja das multidões e visite uma borda exclusiva, de acesso limitado e visualmente estonteante do Grand Canyon. Admirado por todos, mas acessível a poucos, este tour inclui uma aventura de ATV à borda norte do cânion, perto do famoso Bar10 Ranch.

Avião ATV Polaris Ranger Refeição


7,5 - 8 HORAS



Tour noturno por ar e solo no Bar 10 Ranch

Estadia de 2 dias/1 noite no Bar 10 Ranch. Voo de avião de Boulder City, Nevada, até Bar 10 Ranch com um passeio de caminhada cênica em um Polaris Ranger até o Grand Canyon North, passeio a cavalo, jantar e entretenimento.

Avião Cavalo Polaris Ranger Refeição


2 dias/1 noite


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Discover Grand Canyon Adventure Tours Las Vegas

Escape the chaos of the Las Vegas Strip and immerse yourself in the inspiring nature of the American Southwest. Papillon's adventure tours to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas take you out to wild desert regions like the infamous Eldorado Canyon, the historic Bar 10 Ranch, and even down the rapid waters of the Colorado River on the canyon floor.

Each destination offers sightseeing experiences unlike any other including off-roading, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and much more. Read on to discover the exhilarating experiences that Papillon’s adventure tours from Las Vegas have to offer.

ATV Rides in Eldorado Canyon

Eldorado Canyon is known for its Wild West reputation in American history. During the mid-1800s, the mines in this secluded canyon brought forth so much wealth that squabbles over gold often ended in gunfights.

Your Eldorado Canyon tour begins with a guided trip into this now-abandoned mine, where you'll learn the stories and history of this infamous area. The adventure then continues with an off-roading expedition through the canyon.

Seeking a little more adventure? Visitors 16 years of age and older (with valid driver's licenses) can opt instead for a thrilling ATV tour. Traverse the wild expanse on your own vehicle as you follow an experienced tour guide along the canyon.

Horseback & Hiking at Bar 10 Ranch

If you're traveling from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon National Park, but would rather be surrounded by forest than crowds, then Bar 10 Ranch is the way to spend the day. Papillon has exclusive access to Bar 10 Ranch and the surrounding area.

Bar 10 Ranch's overnight trip consists of Polaris Ranger tours through the wilderness, as well as horseback riding and hiking. Gather a team for beach volleyball or ping pong, or try your hand at skeet shooting. Bar 10 also offers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend the night at the Grand Canyon. Many guests even choose to sleep outdoors to see for themselves one of the brightest starscapes on Earth.

Whitewater Rafting Grand Canyon Adventures

Another fantastic sightseeing opportunity is a daylong rafting adventure at the floor of the Grand Canyon. Beginning in Peach Springs, Arizona, this tour includes a 40-mile traverse down the Colorado River between the ancient walls of the Grand Canyon West Rim.

Passengers will delight in the adrenaline rush of surging over several water rapids dispersed throughout this section of the river. Thrill-seekers, adventurers, and beginners alike will all find this rafting Grand Canyon tour to be an exhilarating experience.

FAQs for Adventure Tours Las Vegas

How do I get to the adventure tours from Las Vegas?
  • We make getting to your adventure tour from Las Vegas simple and convenient. We offer hotel pick-up from most major Las Vegas hotels. Not staying at a major hotel? You can still make use of our hotel shuttle service.

    We also offer shuttle service directly from the McCarran International Airport to your tour take-off location.

What is the Best Grand Canyon Adventure Tour?
  • Each Grand Canyon adventure tour from Las Vegas provides a different experience and incredible sightseeing destinations.

    At Papillon, we believe vacation is all about positive memorable experiences. That is why we offer the best adventure tour for your budget and personal preference.

How Much Does an Adventure Tour Cost?
  • The price of each Grand Canyon adventure tour is listed online next to the booking location.

    Our lowest prices are available online. Our online prices include all taxes, fees, and surcharges. There are no hidden costs. The rate we quote you is the rate you pay.

I am traveling in a group. Do you have group services available?
  • We have a variety of group service programs available for you. Small groups can even be booked directly on our website. See our Groups and Incentives page for full details.