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South Rim Tours from Las Vegas

Grand Canyon Connoisseur

Este voo sensacional à Margem Sul inclui tour autoguiado pelo solo do Grand Canyon National Park. Veja as estonteantes cores das paredes do cânion de diversos mirantes notáveis.

Avião Chegue até a Beirada


9,5 horas



Grand Connoisseur with Helicopter

O tour Grand Canyon Connoisseur com Helicóptero é um dia inteiro de aventuras. Ele começa com o transporte de ida e volta ao seu hotel em Las Vegas até o terminal em Boulder. Embarque em um avião para curtir as vistas da famosa Represa Hoover, do Lago Mead e do sinuoso Rio Colorado.

Helicóptero Avião Chegue até a Beirada


9,5 horas



Grand Canyon Connoisseur com Hummer

See the Grand Canyon from the sky on a deluxe airplane tour, then visit the most popular viewpoints on the ground aboard a customized Hummer tour!

Tour de aventura Avião Chegue até a Beirada


9,5 horas



Tour Platinum da Margem Sul

Nossa Sprinter proporciona uma viagem muito confortável pelo Mojave Desert até o Parque Nacional do Grand Canyon. Lá você vai encontrar vistas deslumbrantes das áreas mais amplas e profundas do Grand Canyon, além de desfrutar de um filme IMAX.

Sprinter Chegue até a Beirada Tour de aventura





Platinum South Rim Tour With Helicopter

Viaje como um hóspede VIP para a margem sul, onde as vistas do cânion famosas em todo o mundo se estendem até a linha do horizonte. Os desfiladeiros do cânion desdobram-se diante de você ao decolar em um helicóptero de última geração em direção a vistas aéreas incríveis desta formação geográfica magnífica.

Sprinter Helicóptero Chegue até a Beirada





South Rim Motorcoach Tour

Nosso ônibus de última geração levará você a um dos parques nacionais mais belos do país. Testemunhe a majestade do Grand Canyon a partir de vários pontos de vista espetaculares e contemple as florestas e belezas naturais ao seu redor.

Ônibus Chegue até a Beirada





South Rim Motorcoach Tour with Helicopter

Nosso passeio de ônibus e helicóptero pela borda sul começa em Las Vegas e leva você de ônibus e helicóptero pela borda sul e o Dragon Corridor.

Ônibus Helicóptero Chegue até a Beirada





South Rim Motorcoach Tour With Hummer

Live your dream of visiting the Grand Canyon and hit the open road with our Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour.

Ônibus IMAX Tour de aventura





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Best Grand Canyon South Rim Tours from Las Vegas

When you envision visiting the Grand Canyon National Park, chances are, you are picturing the stunning views from the Grand Canyon's South Rim. This rim is the canyon's most popular destination for one reason. Whether on the ground or in the sky, these are the most breathtaking scenes that this natural wonder of the world has to offer.

At this rim, you will gaze in awe over the steep-sided canyon that was carved out by the raging Colorado River for thousands of years. The South Rim is located in the Kaibab National Forest, which is home to elk, mule deer, mountain lions, rock squirrels, and endangered California condors. Unlike other rims, the South Rim is open year round, so there is never a bad time to visit. In the spring, wildflowers bloom along the Kaibab Plateau, aspen leaves turn golden yellow in the fall, and canyon walls get a light dusting of snow each winter.

The South Rim is also the most developed rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, which means there are more services available here than most parts of the canyon. It also means that this rim draws the largest crowds during the year.

Nestled along the canyon rim is the historic Grand Canyon Village, which offers visitors a variety of dining and shopping options, as well as several antique hotels and significant pieces of architecture.

Read on to explore Las Vegas tour options available for the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Types of Grand Canyon South Rim Tours from Las Vegas

Helicopter Tours at the Grand Canyon South Rim

With more than 50 years flying the Grand Canyon and beyond, Papillon is the largest and most experienced helicopter tour operator in the world. Upgrade your bus or hummer tour to include a breathtaking flight once you reach the Grand Canyon South Rim.

As the preferred provider for the Grand Canyon National Park Service, our helicopter tours are certified to fly the entire Grand Canyon. Soar over the Kaibab National Forest surrounding the canyon gorges and the mighty Colorado River flowing along the canyon floor. A world-class helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon South Rim is sure to be an adventure you'll never forget.

Bus Tours to the Grand Canyon South Rim

Let one of our state-of-the-art motorcoaches whisk you away from Sin City for a full day of exploring the raw beauty of the American southwest. The driving distance from Las Vegas to South Rim is about five hours, making it the ideal full-day sightseeing adventure.

Bus tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon South Rim take guests through the exotic Mojave Desert before reaching the final destination of Grand Canyon South Rim. Once at the Canyon, the luxury motorcoach will make stops at Mather Point and Grand Canyon Village to provide awe-inspiring scenes that will round out the daylong excursion. After a long, fulfilling day of exploring, the South Rim bus tour will drive passengers back to Las Vegas area.

Explore Las Vegas Grand Canyon Bus Tours

Airplane Tours to the Grand Canyon South Rim

These state-of-the-art airplanes are specifically designed for sightseeing, and are the perfect option for medium sized groups. Each aircraft comes equipped with climate control and headset narration for each passenger. Worried about a language barrier? No problem. Our airplane tours offer translation amenities too. Learn more about the airplane Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas.

Buckle up and enjoy the most remarkable aerial sights that Grand Canyon National Park has to offer.

Explore Flights to Grand Canyon

Vegas to Grand Canyon South Rim Tours FAQs

How Far is Grand Canyon South Rim from Las Vegas?
  • The Grand Canyon South Rim is 277 miles (446 kilometers) from the Las Vegas Strip. The average time to drive between the two is between 4 and 5 hours. Add some adventure and get there quicker by a Papillon bus or airplane tour.

    Learn more about the distance from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon South Rim

What time of year is best to visit the South Rim of the Grand Canyon?
  • Peak season for South Rim is in the summer from May through September. Despite its location in the Arizona desert, the South Rim experiences a range of temperatures throughout the year due to its high elevation. The temperature reaches as high as 100 degrees in the summer and as low as 0 degrees in the winter.

    While the summer offers some of the best weather in the area, it is also the most crowded time of the year. For a more private experience, visit the South Rim during the off-season.

What departure times do you offer for South Rim tours?
  • Most South Rim Grand Canyon tours and flights have multiple departures ranging from early morning to late afternoon.